Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning

Products like O-rings, bolts, nuts and detergents all need to be ordered at regular intervals and always takes time for stock control. Use barcode scanning to process repeat orders simply and save time on stock control. 


We can set up the stock process according to your specifications and simply scan the barcodes. Your order is then automatically generated and delivered. ERIKS’ scanner app is an integrated solution. The advantage of an integrated system is that prices and stock information can be retrieved real-time because this information is gathered directly from your suppliers’ ERP-systems.


If you leave the maintenance of your stock up to ERIKS your warehouse will always be properly stocked and administrative tasks will be greatly reduced.


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Due to the current situation with the Corona-virus and its high demand for respirators, overalls and other protective disposable items, we currently experience a worldwide shortage of these items. We hope for your understanding that this situation can lead to delivery issues in the coming months and that deliveries might suffer from unpredictable delays.

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