Budgets and authorisation

Budgets and authorisation

Use our webshop in combination with your existing order and approval procedures. You set up the approval flow for the order process yourself so that you always have full control of the procurement process. In addition, your order processing time can be reduced which in turn will lower the costs of your procurement cycle.


How does it work?

  1. Register your company on our webshop and give authorised users access yourself.
  2. Prior to every order, authorised users receive a shopping list with all product information, net prices and availability.
  3. The order is only placed and delivered by ERIKS after the authorised user has approved the order.
  4. The person who originally placed the order is then kept informed of its status automatically by e-mail, also if the request is rejected by the authorised user. So all the users involved know which activities have been undertaken, what the current status of the order is and can take action directly. Transparent, simple and fast.


Dear visitor,

Due to the current situation with the Corona-virus and its high demand for respirators, overalls and other protective disposable items, we currently experience a worldwide shortage of these items. We hope for your understanding that this situation can lead to delivery issues in the coming months and that deliveries might suffer from unpredictable delays.

Kind regards,

The ERIKS Webshop team